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The Key To Proficient Web Use

Why You Should Use Google

Why should you use Google?

Well Google provides the internet users with very accurate results when you search for nearly anything on the internet. Of course there are other search engines that do this though, so what separates Google from the rest?

Google's main goal is provide their users with accurate results, but within less than half a second. Half a second! The main idea of efficient use of the web is to save time. What better way to save time than to find results for what you are looking for in less than half a second?

Add the google search toolbar to your web browser and have the ability to search google at any time while your browser is open.

Why you should trust google to meet your expectations and provide accurate results? Well simply put, Google had over 30 Billion searches last month. If that isn't enough proof to be legit, I don't know what is!