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Subsribing To a RSS Feed

What is an RSS Feed? A RSS Feed is a abbreviation for "Really Simple Syndication" and is used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video. Today, it is common for blogs, news sites, and businesses use RSS Feeds to keep their users up-to-date.

What does a RSS Feed do?
A RSS feed, to put simply, is used to inform those who are interested that something new happened. For Example, if you are a subscriber to a RSS Feed from CNN, you will receive up-to-date news when it is posted. No more having to go to the CNN Site to read the news! These updates can be read in many different ways, allowing the reader to choose what best fits them.


Subscribe to a RSS Feed: Now that you know what a RSS Feed is and how handy they can be, subscribe to your favorite web site's RSS Feed! You can choose where you want to have the information "sent" and view all of the sites that you would have to go to individually all at one time; saving a lot of time!

Where can I read a RSS Feed?
It is important to set up the RSS Feed correctly, ensuring that the content reaches your destination. There are a lot of options to where you can read the feed. The most popular places include: Windows Outlook, Google Home Page, Yahoo Home Page, your desktop, or any site that has an RSS Feed Reader. The possibilities are unlimited!

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