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What's Better Than FREE Virus Protection?

Now days, it is critical to be protected from the vicious attacks made on your computer. With these threats growing each day, it is important to find an anti-virus that will keep you safe. Although most anti-virus software will run you around $40 to $50 for a year subscription, AVG operates a little differently. Who would think that you could get full virus and spyware protection for the cost of . . . FREE!

AVG Free Anti-Virus is a great value for the price (Well, there is no price...but most people would pay for the features it provides for free). The list of features that AVG provides is quite long for being a free product.

AVG 8.5 Free features include:
  1. Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware: Obviously! These two features provide protection against viruses, trojans, spyware, and adware.
  2. Link Scanner: A link scanner protects users from clicking on links that could harm your computer. With Link Scanner, you know which sites are safe to surf and which ones to stay clear of.
  3. Email Protection: No more downloading attachments from emails only to be surprised with a virus or trojan! AVG's email protection will let you know ahead of time if the attachment is safe to download.
  4. Virus and Spyware Scanner: Something you wouldn't expect to be free comes fully functional in this free version. Not only can you scan your computer for threats, but you can also get rid of them. This is not a trial where the scan finds the threats and makes you buy the product to remove them!
  5. Automatic Updates: AVG is committed to keeping its' users(even the people using the free version!) protected with new updates on a regular basis.
Who would think that all of that can be provided for such a low cost? Free! If you are in need of an anti-virus program, why go spend $50 when you can get one that keeps you safe for free? I have been using AVG Anti-Virus for over a year now and have had no complaints. I have had no problems with my computer since downloading the software. Also, on a side note, the program is VERY easy to use. With such a simple layout, it is hard to not be able to use the software to its' full potential.

If you're interested in downloading AVG Anti-Virus 8.5 Free Edition, head over to AVG's website (

Direct Download:

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