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XP - Vista - 7?

In won't be long before the release of the much anticipated Windows 7. In a second attempt to kill Window XP by Microsoft, they have developed a "better" Vista. Everyone knows how well Windows Vista did in the Operating System market; only having abuot 20% market share, which is very unusual for a Windows product. Will Windows 7 be able to live up to the expectations of Windows XP users?

I, along with many others, have been a die-hard Windows XP user for many years now. I never switched over to Windows Vista. Working at Best Buy, which only sold computers with Windows Vista, I had to find ways to convince customers that it wasn't a bad operating system. This was probably the hardest part of trying to sell computers! I couldn't tell you how many people approached me and asked why all of our computers had Vista, when the demand was for XP. Many customers out right refused to buy a computer that had Vista installed!

The question is...will Windows 7 be another flop? Has Microsoft lost its touch when it comes to developing an operating system for today's world? Only time will tell as we await the release of Windows 7. Rumors going around the tech world say that the planned release is sometime in October of 2009. But, there is a way for you to try it out before then! In May, Windows is allowing users to test it out! For more information, click here!


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