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Update: Conficker C Receives Instructions

The popular computer worm, Conficker C, has began downloading instructions that will execute on the the infected computers. It is unknown exactly what the instructions tell the computer to do, but the worm still is capable of controlling the computer. As Microsoft and Anti-Virus Software companies try to crack the worm, all of us computer users sit back and see when and how the worm will act.

  • As of now, the update is characterized to execute and ensure that it can connect to the internet by connecting to several popular sites, such as AOL, MySpace, eBay, and MSN. Also, the worm makes sure the computer is set to the right date and time prior to shutting down.
  • After ensuring that it has the capabilities of connecting to the internet, the program shuts down and supposedly complete deletes itself off of the computer.
  • Although supposedly deleting itself completely, even the registry keys that it creates when it executes, the Conficker C worm is still present. Hidden somewhere on your computer with no trace.
  • Due to the encryption of the program, it is still unknown what the instructions tell the computer to do.
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